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Combined AOL/Yahoo Entity Tacitly Admits That It Might Be Pretty Sh!tty

Newly-minted "Oath:" wants you to know that things are coming from its colon.

Have you heard? The dumbest merger in American media history is pretty much done and that means AOL and Yahoo are about be joined in unholy matrimony by the church of Verizon.

But that left all parties involved with a bit of a dilemma; What do you name a new entity made up from a company that no one uses anymore and one that has become synonymous with persistent failure?

Apparently, you call it "Oath:"

Ferreal. Here's a press release from AOL's chief marketing officer...

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 11.33.16 AM

Well, we don't understand the name at all, but we do understand this: "So, like the colon in our new logo suggests, there’s more to come. "

This being Yahoo, we fully believe that more is coming from a colon.

PS- Never let Marissa Mayer give you name ideas based on "Tronc." That's our personal oath.



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