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Elon Musk To Angry Mob Of Tesla Shareholders: "Let Them Eat Ford!"

Tesla is not a democracy, you fools.

When you've taken the stuff that dreams are made of and spun it into an auto industry market capitalization larger than anything Detroit every thought possible, it can be hard to listen to the bitter common people question how you created your miracles.


Such is the torment of Elon Musk, and loathe is he to explain his peculiar genius to the filthy masses, a/k/a His shareholders.

See, Tesla shareholders are apparently incapable of simply reveling in the spectacle of watching their stock soar to new heights without the burden of financial or human logic. And they aren't afraid to show it:

An investor group called on Tesla Motors Corp on Tuesday to add two independent directors to its board and separate the roles of chairman and chief executive as it highlighted founder and CEO Elon Musk's dominance of the board in the wake of Tesla's proposed bid for SolarCity.
Musk is also the chairman and largest shareholder of SolarCity Corp SCTY.O.
CtW Investment Group, which works with union-based pension funds and holds 200,000 shares of Tesla, in a letter to Silicon Valley-based Tesla, demanded the implementation of five steps it said would remedy Tesla's "underlying governance deficiencies."

Well, that did not sit well with the governor of Tesla who is incapable of seeing deficiencies. Upon seeing the Reuters report, the nam himself took to Twitter and went full Elon Musktoinette:

Gurrrl! you NASTY! But Elon wasn't done. This being Musky, he followed up his zinger with some fact-based lecturing:

Essentially, Elon would like to ask TSLA owners if they think he has plans to come to their jobs and knock the visionary ideas out of their mouths. Because they are welcome to come and try to be this fucking brilliant and this fucking ahead of their own time, but until then there will only be one Bond villain come-to-life running this show, and his name is Elon Rasputin Musk.

So stop whining or go buy yourself the opportunity to bitch and moan to those dinosaurs at Ford. Good days, sirs...HE SAID GOOD DAY!

Tesla investor group wants more independent board, cites Musk ties [Reuters]



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