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Hedge Funds Take Stand Against ‘Fearless Girl’ Enablers

State Street's marketing ploy isn't working on its customers.
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The hedge fund industry is dominated by men and connoisseurs. What else can explain the $26 billion in institutional outflows from those noted corporate feminists and vandalizers of artistic intentions at State Street?

State Street Corp. posted increases in assets under custody and administration, as market appreciation and growth in U.S. asset managers and electronically traded fund flows were partially offset by continued outflows from hedge funds….

The company said it had first-quarter net outflows of $11 billion with $12 billion in exchange-traded funds inflows being offset by a net $26 billion institutional outflow.

State Street Hurt by Hedge-Fund Outflows [WSJ]


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The Fearless Girl Needs To Lean In

In dollar terms, State Street's marketing gimmick failed.

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Like Many Women Before Her "Fearless Girl" Is Sticking Around, But In A Different Part Of Wall Street...And In A Less-Defined Role

Everyone's favorite statue is getting a taste of what life is like for many outspoken women on Wall Street.

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Hedge Funds Back On Endangered Species List

Just kidding! The president who was supposed to save them isn’t adding anything to that list.