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New Jersey Courts Not Yet Done With Steve Cohen

But the same court is apparently totes cool with Jim Chanos and Dan Loeb.

In these uncertain times, it's to remember that this world still contains certainties like the pull of gravity, water being wet, and Steve Cohen being impervious to the law.


But now (thanks a lot, Trump) we even have to doubt one of those things...

The billionaire Steven A. Cohen must again face a lawsuit accusing him and his former firm SAC Capital Advisors LP of conspiring with other hedge funds to spread false rumors about Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd to drive down its stock price.
A three-judge panel of a New Jersey state appeals court on Thursday revived conspiracy, disparagement and other claims that had been dismissed in 2011 and 2012 against several defendants in the Toronto-based insurer's $8 billion lawsuit.

What timing! With Steve acting out the last few months of pretending that he's not running a hedge fund because of his "ban," we could all just sit back and wait for the Cohen-aissance to pick up steam in early 2018. But here we are, back in "Defendant Steve Cohen" mode.

And in case you're wondering if this is a case of some activist judges teeing off on hedge fund types, it certainly doesn't appear to be the case...

But [the panel] upheld the dismissal of claims against two prominent hedge fund firms, Jim Chanos' Kynikos Associates PC and Daniel Loeb's Third Point LLC, and racketeering claims against all defendants, including Cohen and SAC.

"Jim, Danny, you are free to go. But you hang tight, Stevie, we've got a few more questions."

Steven Cohen, SAC must again face Fairfax short-selling lawsuit [Reuters]



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