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In Lieu Of Skydiving Or Wearing A Meat Suit Into A Tiger Cage, ValueAct Takes Activist Stake In KKR

When you come at King Kravis, you'd best not miss.

Jeff Ubben is a wildly successful investor who built ValueAct Capital into one of the hottest activist funds around, but he's also just a wealthy guy in his mid-50s living in the Bay Area who wants to feel ALIVE.


And sure, there are a lot of cheap thrills to be found out there; bungee-jumping, swimming with sharks, meth, etc., but Ubben is not a man of cheap tastes. For any activist investor, the ultimate rush comes from taking the biggest risk, and what could be more exhilarating than taking an activist stake in the icon of activism?

Shares of private equity giant KKR jumped on news Thursday morning that activist investing firm ValueAct has taken out a significant stake.

Clearly, Jeff Ubben thinks he's the Omar Little of high finance.

KKR's stock rose more than 6 percent after ValueAct principal Mason Morfit announced a stake of about 5 percent through derivatives.
Morfit said he believes KKR, co-founded by Henry Kravis, is a bargain now, effectively trading at about 3.5 times earnings.

This is ShakeShack investing in McDonald's, this is the pro from your club giving Jack Nicklaus a golf tip, this is the student taking on the master. But it's also Henry Kravis, a famously cuddly and sweet mentor eager to take advice from some Silicon Valley haircut with newfangled ideas. Yeah, this might be more like Anakin Skywalker taking on Obi-Wan Kenobi in the lava river.

Best of luck, everyone!

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