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Warren Buffett Pulling Out Of Wells Fargo Rather Slowly And Way Too Late

The Oracle of Omaha doesn't want to ride the stagecoach anymore.

Well, it's hard to say that we didn't see this one coming...

Of all the things that Wells Fargo has lost in the last few months, the hardest thing must be watching Uncle Warren clawback his love.



Warren Buffett Boldly Moves To Take Leadership Of The Draft Dimon Movement

35 million JPM shares? We get it, Mr. Oracle, and we're glad to have you aboard.


Warren Buffett Got That Jeff Bezos Thirst For Real

The Oracle of Omaha can't get enough of The Bug-Eyed King of Amazonia.

Wells Fargo Bless this Mess

In Search For New CEO, Wells Fargo Reports A "Bless This Mess" Quarter

The Stagecoach is offering its next leader a real fixer-upper opportunity.


Wells Fargo Board Debases Tim Sloan By Forcing Him To Buy $2 Million Of Wells Fargo Stock

So, The Stagecoach has reached the S&M stage of its renaissance.