New Wells Fargo TV Ad Absurdly Posits That Your Family Is More Of A Threat To Your Financial Security Than Wells Fargo

Too soon, Wells Fargo. Too soon.

Ever since youknowhat, Wells Fargo has been hard-selling the American public on the notion that they're done cross-selling.

This media onslaught apology tour has included a litany of TV. Those spots began with a subtle and erudite approach to saying "We're sorry" but The Stagecoach is now trying on "funny" and seeing if it fits.

Judging from early attempts; it don't.

Take this beauty that began airing last week. It posits Wells Fargo to be a cool hip place for Millennials to visit so they can, like, check out all the cool hip stuff that the bank is doing to, like, do cyber or whatever. Check it out:

Awesome, bro!

But here's the thing, Wells Fargo. Most of your customers aren't afraid of their untrustworthy doppelganger brother raiding their checking account to get money for meth, they're concerned that your employees are raiding their checking account to create five checking accounts and like 4 credit card accounts.

So listen Wells Fargo, the ad is cute (and the dude in the "Love Conquers Hate" t-shirt makes you look woke as fuck, wink wink) but bringing up the fact that you guys are looking to protect people's accounts from their own families is not the kind of joke that you get to make yet. Even BriMo could have told you that.