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Regulator Punishes Whistleblower By Forcing Him Back Into Old Job At Wells Fargo

Somewhere out there, a suddenly wealthy unemployed bank manager is living his worst nightmare.

We all knew that the government would be more friendly to banks in Trump's America, but this is some fucked up dystopia stuff right here...

Wells Fargo.Insane

The U.S. government ordered Wells Fargo & Co. to reinstate a former bank manager who was fired after reporting suspected illegal behavior to his superiors and a company hotline.
The manager, who wasn’t identified, was dismissed in 2010 after reporting on incidents of suspected bank, mail and wire fraud by two bankers in the Los Angeles area, according to a statement Monday from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The San Francisco-based lender also was ordered to give the whistle-blower about $5.4 million in back pay, compensatory damages and legal fees after OSHA determined his warnings were at least a contributing factor in the termination.

Sure, $5.4 million seems like a lot of money, but you need to factor in the existential agony of being forced to return to your old life as a bank manager at Wells Fargo.

You have gone full Kafka, OSHA. For SHAME!

Wells Fargo Told to Rehire Whistle-Blower, Pay $5.4 Million [Bloomberg]


Wells Fargo.Insane

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