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David Einhorn Uses Sohn Conference Spot To Cruelly Toy With A Fracking Stock

Someone thought the Sohn Investment Conference was trying out a Bachelor rose ceremony theme this year.

We know that Mets are off to a tough start this season, and that this reality must be weighing heavily on superfan David Einhorn...but he needn't lash out.


During his allotted time at this year's billion-dollar bull session, Einhorn decided to flirt with, and then decimate, an energy stock called Core Laboratories. D-Horns started out vague on the company that provides core analysis and other services to energy producers, leading many in the audience to think that Einhorn was about to talk up his position. But much like two years ago, Einhorn turned out to be a critic of yet another firm in the "Motherfracker" industry. By couching his thoughts in a barrage of New Yorker cartoons (he literally shared what felt like 100 New Yorker cartoons in his presentation), Einhorn kept the suspense going for awhile before wading into Core's less-than-realistic take in its own sector. And then he turned.

How whiplashed were people that misread his intentions? You tell us:

This is CLB's trading day. Can you spot where Einhorn revealed his short? Be careful, it's real fucking subtle:

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 4.01.35 PM

Einhorn mocked a company presentation showing that Core anticpates a "V-curve" rebound in the price of gas and then said this about the company's CEO:

"Just as Kanye loves himself, David Demshur seems to love his stock at any price."

So basically David Einhorn used New Yorker Cartoons, a stale Kanye joke and nerd stagecraft to not-at-all maybe pump and short an energy stock live at Sohn.

We are so glad we finally came this year....

[A previous version of this post mistakenly referred to the Core presentation as "internal"]



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