Deutsche Bank's Social Impact Hashtag Game Is Very Deutsche Bank

#Everyonestalking falls into that uncanny valley between positive gossip and terribly creepy.

Hey, Deutsche Bank might be a lot of things; angry, confused and seemingly always in some kind of trouble, but it's also just another global SIFI out there trying to do some good.

But (according to a screenshot of Deutsche's employee intranet sent to us by a tipster with a hawkeye for unintentional double entendres) even when trying to help The House of Cryan cannot help but make a funny:

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 3.15.13 PM

You capitalize the "T" in that hashtag and you've got a real daisy chain of paying it forward, but you capitalize the "S" and you're basically reinforcing all of Jes Staley's worst fears.

So which is it, Deutsche? Or is it a mixture of both?