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'Government Sachs' Is Supposed To Be A Metaphor, Guys

Jim Donovan has been doing some pretty serious moonlighting.
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Cast your memory back to last week, when Goldman's Jim Donovan took a long, sober look at the juddering shambles of the Trump Train and decided, hey! Time to spend some more time with the kids. It was hard not to connect Donovan's about-face on joining the Treasury Department with the multiple ongoing scandals currently simmering at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. But perhaps there was something to it:


The Goldman Sachs Group Inc. banker Mnuchin wanted as his deputy, Jim Donovan, pulled out on Friday, shortly before his Senate confirmation hearing was to be scheduled. Donovan said his withdrawal stemmed from a family matter. [...] Mnuchin was already leaning on Donovan to help manage the department, even though he had not officially left Goldman Sachs. One of Donovan’s tasks was to recruit people for other senior positions in the agency.

Moonlighting for the Treasury Department while clocking in at a bank overseen by the Treasury Department confirms just about every fevered suspicion of the Warren Wing of the Democratic Party. Certainly we'll be hearing about this in the Senate sometime soon. But the real question is whether it violates Goldman employment rules. Please let us know in the comment field (or tip line) if you've got a copy of the Goldman Sachs employee handbook handy.

Mnuchin’s Recruiting Tool: Titles That Don’t Need Senate Confirmation [BBG]



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