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We Know Who Assaulted Jim Chanos At That Snoop Dogg Show

Chanos didn't snitch, but he totally ID'ed the perp.

You guys, Leon Cooperman assaulted Jim Chanos while he was shaking that ass to "Gin & Juice."

Yet another example that Coop and The Chronic do not mix.



Elon Musk Is Teaching His Children To Hate Jim Chanos

When Elon isn't being so emo over being single, he's preparing his progeny for war with Tesla's haters.

The Time Has Come For Twitter To Name Snoop Dogg As CEO

"Doggfather & CEO" would be the illest title in Silicon Valley, hands down.


New Jersey Courts Not Yet Done With Steve Cohen

But the same court is apparently totes cool with Jim Chanos and Dan Loeb.