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Jose Canseco Loves New Swing Trading System Even More Than Gold, Steroids, Maria ‘Bartiroma’

Our greatest financial mind has a cool new thing.
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Do a Google search for “Jason Bond Picks.” Some say the public-school-teacher-cum-swing-trader is the “best trading service out there” and the “best investment I’ve ever made,” or that they’ve “not found a better service,” and that Bond “really has your best interest at heart.” Others suggest that he’s a scam, a fraud, and among “the worst penny stock, pump and dump con artists that we have seen in recent years.” lists his pros as being “A temple on how to run, manage and execute a front-running, pump and dump stock-picking service,” and another website compares him to the immortal Tim Sykes, while adding that he got 86ed from Sykes’ for covering up losing trades.

How can you cut through the noise and fake news and determine whether to believe the probably-paid-for hype or the sour grapes left by unsatisfied customers? Jose Canseco can help. In his new video pumping, Canseco says the word “landmines” a lot and reminisces about his 40 homerun, 40 stolen base season and a crush on “Maria Bartiroma” [sic] that led him to spend as much time as possible on CNBC during his six months running Canseco Financial back in 1999.

You see, friends, on his road to the Federal Reserve chairmanship, Canseco made a lot of mistakes. Some of these, you know about: his predictions of immediate collapse for the British economy after the Brexit vote, his overly bullish gold call, his pioneering use of anabolic steroids. The problem was, he didn’t have a mentor. Not that it was his fault, you see: He was “kind of like a new breed-type baseball player, with power and speed and all that,” and therefore there was no one around to teach him. Luckily, when it comes to trading, he can learn, and he’s ready to learn from Jason Bond.

The biggest thing is he’s experienced. I think he can, uh, show you again, just like baseball, the do’s and don’t, the landmines, what could happen if you make this decision, what could happen if you make that decision. Give you a little bit of insight on the things he’s been through, the history he’s been through, what he’s confronted, whether it be—you know, you know—stock markets profiting or stock markets diminishing, falling. I think to make more or a educated, not, not guess, but I think to make, and develop more, of an educated strategy. Is he doing all the right things? Absolutely. I think you want to try to mimic that. I think you want to try to structure your game plan that way. I mean, 400% is incredible. You don’t see that every day. So, he’s got to be doing something right.

There’s much more about that 400%, too, almost as much as there is about landmines and downfalls. There are no mentions of “past returns are no guarantee of future outcomes.” (Although there is one of the former Canseco Financial partner who cannot be named “for legal reasons.”) But any, please, Jose, tell us more about the importance of a good mentor.

You know, there are a lot of books being written, a lot of people telling you I can teach you the right way and show you the right route. But there’s rarely the individual that says, “OK, I’m gonna show you were all the landmines are, because I’ve done it wrong, I’ve stepped on all these landmines, and I don’t want you to go that route.” So I think a mentor can do two things: Yes, he could show you the proper way and educate you and give you his experience, but on the other side, he can also show you where, if you take this route, it’s gonna be the wrong way. I’m gonna show you where the landmines are. I’m gonna show you where all the downfalls are, and try to prevent that new broker to go down that actually route.

Of course. And how do you, new member of Bond’s Millionaire Roadmap, know you’ve found just that mentor? Someone who can help you “crush the markets” the way you used to crush “a baseball father than anyone else”?

Um, I would probably try to get every information possible from him, in every possible scenario, and try to educate myself more and more and more and more.

All the information about all possible scenarios. Got it. Should be as easy as slamming 462 home runs without chemical enhancement. And since you’ve obviously vetted Bond thusly, surely you can give us a glimpse of what you’ve learned.

I think the most important thing is, don’t buy or trade a stock just on a whim. Just on, you know, second or third-hand information, do your homework, do you due diligence, find out what’s happening with the actual company….

Jason Bond’s definitely worth looking into. A 400% increase is just miraculous. And hopefully he can keep it up there; it looks like he knows what he’s doing. So I would definitely give him a chance. Look him up. See how he can help you out.


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