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Ken Griffin Gets All Horned Up When He Thinks About Ending Too Big To Fail

Q: What do you call softly whispering "21st Century Glass-Steagall into Ken Griffin's ear? A: Foreplay

If we've learned anything in recent years, we've learned that there are a handful of ways to gain Ken Griffin's rapt attention. The man is a devotee of fine art, luxury real estate and has been known to be a something of a sucker for beautiful ladies.


But if you really want to get The Griff' Dog's engine purring it seems, you need only softly whisper into his ear a detailed description of tearing Citigroup apart at the seams...

Billionaire hedge fund manager Ken Griffin said he is encouraged by recent comments from U.S. officials that the government could move to break up the country's biggest banks.
"My fantasy is to break up the big banks," Griffin said on Monday at the Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills. "I wish we would end too big to fail in our banking system."

That's right ladies, light some candles, throw on some Al Green, pour two glasses of Courvoisier and tell Ken Griffin what it would feel like to make Jamie Dimon separate his deposit and lending businesses from his investment bank unit...forever.

But The Griff Dog isn't just thirsty for the end of Too Big to Fail, my babies, he's thirsty as fuck for America...

Sitting on a panel at the conference, Griffin said he is encouraged by Trump's agenda to reduce taxes and roll back regulations, and believes the president will eventually accomplish his goals despite a failure to do so during his first few months in office. His comments mirrored those of other attendees.
"There is a tone from the top that it is a new day in America," Griffin said. "It's 100 days - it's not much time. We have another four years of this administration."

Because while cutting taxes, slashing regulations and opening up the big banks to activist investment from asset managers isn't just great for billionaire hedge fund managers who now employ seemingly everyone who leaves the SEC, it's great for...nope, sorry, it's really just great for him them.

Citadel's Griffin says he fantasizes about bank breakup [Reuters]


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