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Shared Loathing Of Uber Provides Aphrodisiac Catalyst For Alliance Between Lyft And Waymo

On today's edition of "Everybody Hates Uber."
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When you've allowed yourself to be turned into a lightning rod for all the debates around what is wrong with Silicon Valley culture and pissed off everyone from sovereign nations to your own employees with your over-aggressive tactics, you've got to watch your back and hope that your enemies don't start socializing with each other.

For instance, you really wouldn't want your chief competitor (who has been picking up key allies lately) to run into the company that is currently suing you for stealing their IP via a poached executive (and using it to hasten the solving of your self-driving car existential crisis) and start chatting your rank suckiness and what they can do together in the revenge department. That whole "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" notion is a potent thing, but it only grows stronger when both parties really fucking hate you and their alliance would screw you in the hardest and most painful way possible.

Anyway, Uber knows what we're talking about:

Waymo, the self-driving car unit that operates under Google’s parent company, has signed a deal with the ride-hailing start-up Lyft, according to two people familiar with the agreement who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly. The deal calls for the companies to work together to bring autonomous vehicle technology into the mainstream through pilot projects and product development efforts, these people said.
The deal was confirmed by Lyft and Waymo.

And not only confirmed, these two are gushing:

“Waymo holds today’s best self-driving technology, and collaborating with them will accelerate our shared vision of improving lives with the world’s best transportation,” a Lyft spokeswoman said in a statement.
A Waymo spokesman said, “Lyft’s vision and commitment to improving the way cities move will help Waymo’s self-driving technology reach more people, in more places.”

Watching Google and Lyft join forces to stymie his march towards self-driving car dominance cannot site well with Uber CE-Bro Travis Kalanick. As of a few hours ago he took a semi-major hit when a Federal judge in San Francisco ruled that the star engineer he seduced away from Waymo will be legally barred from working on the projects that we can only assume Kalanick lured him away to work on.

And it won't help Travis sleep to know that the plucky startup that is Google has joined the swelling ranks of Lyft allies, a roster that already included Carl Icahn, General Motors and Henry Kravis. None of the aforementioned entities are particularly famous for not getting what they want and it seems clearer than ever that they might indeed reap the reward of Uber's future failure.

Lyft and Waymo Reach Deal to Collaborate on Self-Driving Cars [NYT]



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