Speeding Blind Drunk Around Connecticut In A Blue Ferrari With A Loaded Handgun Is Just How You Wind Down From A Monday At KeyBank

Michael Corsi has a strong case for claiming finance career PTSD.

Ah, the glory of local news...

Officer Eric Patenuade was patrolling Danbury Road in an unmarked cop cruiser around a quarter to 2 a.m. Tuesday morning when a blue Ferrari sped past him at a high rate of speed.
Patenuade, who was traveling around 40 mph, reported that the Ferrari flew by the unmarked vehicle before nearly rear-ending a stopped vehicle seconds later.
The officer promptly pulled over the vehicle and discovered that the driver, 37-year-old Michael Corsi, appeared to be under the influence of alcohol.
As Corsi was performing the field sobriety test, which he ultimately failed, police learned that the driver was concealing a loaded .32-caliber pistol in his back pocket. Though Corsi provided police with a legal permit for the weapon, they determined he was unfit to possess a firearm in his inebriated state.
A breath test later revealed that Corsi had a blood alcohol content of .1782, which is more than double the legal driving limit.

According to a LinkedIn page with a profile photo that almost perfectly matches his mugshot, Corsi is the co-head of securitized sales at KeyBank.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 3.17.32 PM

The online resume also shows that Corsi has spent time at RBC, Knight Capital, MF Global and Deutsche Bank. And it's those latter two career stops that we think might explain why he would be careening around suburban Connecticut in a gaudy sports car with blood that is mostly alcohol and a loaded .32 tucked under his derrière.

Michael Corsi is probably a good, normal guy who did five years hard time inside Deutsche Bank only to escape in July 2011 to what he thought was his reward but turned out to be the final days of MF Global. If you'd been through what he's been through, you'd probably find yourself doing crazy things too just to feel alive again.

And we all know you're not going to get that at KeyBank.

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