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Quantitative Hedge Fund Unfazed By Employees’ Impending ‘Legal Deaths’

Numerai's got a plan to let you chill out until bitcoin conquers the world.
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Photo courtesy of Alcor Life Extension Foundation.

Photo courtesy of Alcor Life Extension Foundation.

You’ve got to hand it to the folks at Numerai: They really know their audience. The quantitative hedge fund is looking for an engineer to work on its weekly stock-market tournament app, a key data stream for its crowd-sourced algorithms. Since it pays those contest winners in cryptocurrencies, it’s looking for a coder whose interests extend from machine learning to bitcoin and the like, and also someone who “seeks truth above what is easy or makes you look good.”

Numerai’s offering a fairly competitive salary of up to $160,000 (fiat currency, alas), but a top-notch engineer could probably get that lots of places. But Numerai’s done some thinking about how to differentiate itself. What kind of other things might a bitcoin enthusiast working on machine learning be into?

- Whole-body preservation cryonics through Alcor. Numerai cares about its employees beyond their legal deaths.

That’s right: Join the Numerai team and your frozen corpse will get to hang out next to Ted Williams’ until such time as “legal death” can be cured and you can live eternally in a world where bitcoin will presumably have become viable, and the machines you built will have rendered other humans extraneous. Apply today.

Full Stack Engineer at Numerai
An American hedge fund is advertising for a £124k job that offers to freeze employees bodies’ when they die [BI]


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