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Even Ray Dalio Thinks The Comey Firing Could Have Been Handled With A Little More Tact

The Trump White House is officially worse at firing people than Bridgewater, so farewell America.

They guy who built the most potent asset management firm in the history of mankind by openly subjecting his minions to constant surveillance and making it socially acceptable to tell your co-workers that their ideas are dumb is looking at Donald Trump's firing of FBI director James Comey and thinking, "Harsh, bro."


Ray Dalio, who has been pretty open that Comey wasn't a great fit inside the cauldron of egos that is Bridgewater, seems a bit incredulous that the current President would fire the FBI director by leaking it to the press, letting Comey hear about it from a television and then have a personal bodyguard hand-deliver a bizarre letter to the FBI headquarters, a place where Trump knew Comey wasn't.

In fact, Dalio (not exactly a famed cheerleader of former Bridgewater employees) is going so far as to outright paint Comey as a martyr of his own principles, and there is literally nothing in the known fucking world that Ray Dalio holds in higher esteem than Principles.

Overall though, we are taking a moment to breathe in the reality that Ray Dalio is on Twitter throwing shade at President Donald Trump for rudely firing a former Bridgewater executive from his gig running the FBI.

We want to wake up now, this nightmare has simply gotten too fucking weird.



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