Democrats Looking At Trump's Deutsche Bank Loans Based On Knowledge That Deutsche Bank Can Ruin Anything

Trump + Russia + Deutsche Bank = Dealbreaker heaven.

We may never truly know if Donald Trump was crazy enough to work directly with agents of the Russian government to influence the 2016 election, but we do know one thing for certain; Deutsche Bank was crazy enough to lend him a lot of money over a lot of years and they have had some shady dealings with Russians.


And for congressional Democrats desperate to get this president, that apparently feels like enough to start digging.

Congressional Democrats investigating alleged ties between President Donald Trump's political campaign and Russia are seeking information from Deutsche Bank.
In a letter Tuesday to Deutsche CEO John Cryan, five legislators ask for results from internal reviews the bank conducted on matters relating to Russia. One involves the "mirror trading" scandal for which Deutsche already has paid $630 million in fines, the other being personal accounts for Trump family members at the bank.

Is it possible that Cryan will ever hand this information over? Nope.

Is it likely that Trump's debt was passed to the Russians via mirror trades, resulting in the tactile leverage that The Kremlin holds over Trump? Not really.

But is it fucking awesome that we might have a news cycle in which Deutsche Bank is tied to Trump and Russia? You bet your sweet ass it is!

House Democrats ask Deutsche for information on Trump Russia loan [CNBC]