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After Long Drought, Anthony Scaramucci Suddenly Inundated With Government Sinecures

The Mooch never stopped believing in President Trump, and now President Trump has come back around to believing in The Mooch.
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It’s fair to say that SkyBridge Capital Management founder Anthony Scaramucci hit rock-bottom last month. His bold bet on Donald Trump, which once had him decorating a West Wing office, had still not panned out. He didn’t have much else to do, since he had sold SkyBridge—other than cut a huge check to the taxman on account of his not yet having the government job he felt he so richly deserved. And then his annual party—well, not really his annual party anymore, but all the same—kinda sucked, and he spent four days sulking around the Bellagio bringing everyone down. Oh yea, and Joe Biden and Bill Ackman almost got into a fistfight at his dinner; whether it was over Biden’s late son or Biden’s refusal to unload on Scaramucci’s president doesn’t really matter, at least from the position of the mortified host.


Since then, however, everything’s been coming up Tony. First, he finally got that White House job—ambassador to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in Paris. Sure, it’s not actually in the White House like the job he was supposed to get, but he wasn’t going to be unemployed anymore. Then, a bunch of CNN reporters got fired over the kind of fake news that had kept the president at arm’s length from the Mooch all this time. Then his buddy Don called and said that for his patience and loyalty, he was getting not one but two jobs! And then the Hunt and Fish Club got four New York Times and three Michelin stars.

OK, so that last thing didn’t happen, and isn't likely to. But the first three did, and now Scaramucci is the top strategic thinker at a government agency that Trump used to think shouldn’t exist.

Scaramucci joins the Export-Import Bank as the agency enters what is expected to be a contentious confirmation fight over Trump's nominee to become its president, former Rep. Scott Garrett (R-N.J.). Garrett had opposed the bank while a member of Congress.

“Mr. Scaramucci’s main role is to assess how the Export-Import Bank can better capitalize upon opportunities to support American jobs by financing American exports,” King said.

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Trump chooses fundraiser Scaramucci for ambassador to OECD: official [Reuters]



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