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Snowflake Bank Of America Pulls Funding From Theatre Festival That Failed To Prevent Adequate Trigger Warning

Et tu, BriMo?

Some would argue that the idea of art is to provoke and challenge the beholder of said art, but not Bank of America.


After if it was reported that the staging of "Julius Caesar" at this year's Shakespeare in the Park festival depicts Caesar as a Trump-esque character who meets his end in a very violent assassination sequence, an angry social media campaign was waged by people who we're reasonably certain have never heard of Shakespeare in the Park...or William Shakespeare.

Like this guy:

But it wasn't just Goneril Trump who found himself simultaneously provoked and outraged by a play produced to provoke and outrage. Many people took to Twitter to voice their displeasure that something they will never see exists in a form that they are pretty sure offends them anyway. Soon enough, handfuls of people were angrily tweeting about the play in a furor that every stoned Millennial knew would blow over in a matter hours.

Unfortunately, no one told BofA.

Considering that a statistically irrelevant amount of people know even know what "Shakespeare in the Park" is and that even fewer know who its corporate sponsors are, it would have seemed prudent to maybe just shut the fuck up and let the thing blow over instead of overreacting. Especially when you end up condemning a play that's been running for weeks with your logo on it, and also tacitly "admitting" that you've been funding the thing for 11 years.

We are living through a spectacularly dumb period for the American Experiment. No one is truly innocent or immune to the rank stupidity infecting our national psyche, but perhaps we can all agree that a Too Big To Fail bank claiming the moral high ground in an argument over art and commerce started by an adult Trump son is a wake up moment.

And if BofA is done paying, may we suggest that Goldman Sachs step in to fund this whole thing going forward under the condition that next year's staging of MacBeth include a Lady MacBeth played by a large white male actor with a bald pate who bullies a Trumpian MacBeth by hiking his leg up on a desk and suggesting that they "Just kill everyone?"



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