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Bonus Watch '17: Summer Interns Edition

They're baaaaack.
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This is where the magic happens. (Courtesy Flickr user Daniele Pieroni)

This is where the magic happens. (Credit: Flickr user Daniele Pieroni)

Of all the extraordinary migrations the natural world affords – monarch butterflies wending their way from Mexico to Canada, humpback whales swimming 6,000 miles to winter in Hawaii – few are more stunning than the annual influx of interns into Wall Street. Not because of the distances they travel or the homes they leave behind, but the salaries they command in exchange for a mere 10 weeks of 20-hour work days, endless humiliations, and a spirit-crushing volume of spreadsheets.

This year, as always, the haul is pretty good for those enterprising young men and women willing to subject themselves to the indignities and offenses of serving on Wall Street's front lines. Courtesy of CNBC and Glassdoor, here's the top ten monthly Wall Street intern salaries:

10. Goldman Sachs - $4,256

9. Wells Fargo - $4,458

8. Bank of America - $4,457

7. HSBC - $4,947

6. BNY Mellon - $5,125

5. JPMorgan Chase - $5,180

4. Capital One - $5,206

3. Deutsche Bank - $5,513

2. Citi - $5,643

1. Blackrock - $5,763

Here's how much Wall Street interns are making this summer [CNBC]


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