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Elizabeth Warren Asking How That Make America Great-y Again-y Thing’s Workin’ Out For Ya

The red parts of Massachusetts are being congratulated for committing economic suicide.
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By U.S. Treasury Department

By U.S. Treasury Department

Hillary Clinton took more than 60% of the vote in Massachusetts, her fourth-best showing in any state. And given that Taxachusetts is home to the Kennedys, Harvard and Sen. Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, you might think it’d be tough to find enough Trump supporters to round up and say, “I told you so.” But they exist! President Trump got over a million votes in the Commonwealth, and the southern and central parts of the state—the parts with all of the angry, working-class white people and concomitant opioid problems—look every bit as red as Alabama or Utah. It is these people who Elizabeth Warren is seeking out—she is, after all, up for reelection next year—and saying, “I told you so.”

During last year’s presidential campaign, Lowell became the exemplar of the down-on-its-luck places where Mr. Trump filled drew large crowds. A mile from where Ms. Warren held her town hall, Mr. Trump spoke before a packed 6,500-seat hockey arena in January 2016….

“We talk about how the middle class has just taken one punch after another for nearly 40 years now,” she told the Lowell crowd. “Understand that Donald Trump and these Republican majorities are poised to deliver the knockout blow.

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