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French, Germans Say There Are Takebacks In Brexit

The continentals are trolling Theresa May...HARD.
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Gouvernement français [CC BY-SA 3.0 fr], via Wikimedia Commons

Gouvernement français [CC BY-SA 3.0 fr], via Wikimedia Commons

French President Emmanuel Macron is well on his way to a massive parliamentary majority, the sort that British Prime Minister Theresa May assumed she’d have now. That didn’t quite work out, and there’s nothing she can do about it. The mistake has been made, and it cannot be unmade.

But not all mistakes are like that. Some of them can be undone, if only one has the will to undo them. The power to admit one’s errors. The moral fortitude to stand up to the criticism that will come.

There is one mistake that Theresa May can reverse, Macron and co. said. The last electoral mistake made by the British people. The one called “Brexit.”

Wolfgang Schäuble, the German finance minister, had earlier in the day said the UK would be welcomed back to the EU if the British decided they no longer wanted to quit the bloc….

Responding to a question on that comment, Mr Macron said “the door remained open” to Britain’s staying in the EU but warned that “as the negotiations go on it will be more and more difficult to go backwards”.

Alas, May has neither the will, nor the power, nor the fortitude.

In a joint press conference, Mrs May gave no indication that she was willing to soften her position on leaving the union but said that “we want to maintain a close relationship and a close partnership with the EU and individual states into the future”.

Macron leaves door open to UK staying in EU [FT]


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