Gary Cohn’s Successor Says Gary Cohn & Co. Not Exactly Making M&A Great Again

David Solomon sees a lot of money sitting on the sidelines.

Turns out, corporate leaders with money to spend are a bit more reticent about spending a lot of it when everything is in flux, which seems to be President Trump’s entire governing philosophy. Add in Theresa May’s apparent desire to stop being Britain’s prime minister by gifting the early election she called to an actual, old-fashioned, unreconstructed socialist, and Germany having second thoughts after a dozen years in bed with Angela Merkel, and things should stay quiet for a while.


Uncertainty around tax policy and political events such as the elections in Europe are preventing companies from pursuing large M&A transactions, Goldman Sachs Group Inc (GS.N) president and co-chief operating officer David Solomon said on Wednesday….

"Given the environment we're in, barring market shocks and volatility, we'll continue to see a reasonable pace of M&A," he said.

Goldman president says companies shying away from large deals [Reuters]