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Tune your podcatcher to righteous indignation!
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The New York University School of Law cannot contain him. A half-dozen daily 140-character missives cannot contain him. Not even an entire hardcover book can contain him. No. As we’ve long known, the former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York has a lot to say, mostly about his problems with you people. And now you are going to hear about it—literally—even if you are not currently paying $61,644 per year for the pleasure of maybe attending one of his classes. For the Passion of the Preet is coming to a podcatcher near you.


The podcast, which is scheduled to begin airing in the coming months, will explore justice and fairness issues and provide in-depth analysis on legal cases. Mr. Bharara also expects to write articles for Some Spider’s news and entertainment website, Cafe, and he and Vinit Bharara plan to introduce a conference, Cafe Con, next year….

“It’s an extension of all the things I have been doing, although I no longer have the authority that I had before,” he said.

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That’s Professor Preet To You

The former U.S. Attorney in Manhattan has a new soapbox.

By United States Department of Justice ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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