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State Street Had To Be Talked Out Of Commissioning Enormous Bronze Cow As Symbol Of Female Empowerment

You say "Girl power," State Street says "Moo GO gurl!"

"Fearless Girl" has been everyone's favorite meme made manifest since it showed up at Bowling Green in early March.


The imagery of a young girl standing up to the Wall Street Bull has been over-discussed and used by both sides of a debate that shouldn't even really be happening in 2017. Feminists in finance have applauded it, one genius bro literally humped it and an artist even made her a pet so she could stay cool in summer. Whatever your feelings about "Fearless Girl," she's a real conversation starter, so the bank that commissioned it - State Street - definitely got its money worth.

But according to a pretty great story in the NY Post, it turns out that State Street almost fucked this while thing up in a way that is so beautifully tone deaf we will let the story tell itself...

The financial company that installed the “Fearless Girl” statue on Wall Street to help market a female mutual fund originally wanted to commission the bronze in the shape of a cow, according to an email exchange between the company’s rep and City Hall obtained by The Post.

Yup, this is real. State Street thought "Empowering women on Wall Street? Make us a big shiny cow!"

Here's the text of the actual email sent to the city proposing it:

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 5.13.29 PM

Oh, there would have been "buzz" all right.

Apparently someone at the bank did figure out that putting a massive cow in the street to celebrate "the ladies" was maybe not the idea available.

“The client realized, after we had gone down the road a bit, that a cow sculpture could be conceived as demeaning to women,” read an email sent Dec. 6 by event consultant Stuart Weissman to Dawn Tolson, director of the the NYC Street Activity Permit Office.

Of course we are upset that this crisis was averted, but that doesn't mean we can't look forward to what State Street has in store for the future.

Pitch: Wall Street really needs an eight foot-tall potato drinking whisky and beating a smaller bronze potato to celebrate the Irish contribution to American finance.

‘Fearless Girl’ was originally supposed to be a bronze cow [NYPost]


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