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Trump Sacrifices Moral High Ground To Elon F*cking Musk

Even America's favorite Bond villain come alive is like "No bruh, I'm out."
This is just the appetizer.

This is just the appetizer.

Elon Musk is a man who is currently engaged in battles against the auto industry, the energy industry, transportation advocates and their opponents, at least one ex-wife, most labor groups, large swaths of the press, other billionaires with rockets, his former co-founders, and his own shareholders.

All the while Elon lives the life of an international playboy dating actresses and supermodels, reveling in his obscene wealth and sparing nary a fuck about how he is perceived. While other titans of the new tech economy gave in to pressure and left Donald Trump's economic councils, Musk decided he would hang around and see what he could accomplish by cozying up to the self-professed most pro-business president in American history. As we've said before on numerous occasions, Elon is a Bond villain come-to-life, and he likes it that way.

But even Elon Musk watched Trump pull the United States from a non-binding global environmental agreement today and said "Um, yeah, I gotta take a stand here, bro."

This is like Sage Kelly telling you that he can't hang with you anymore because you're too horned up and crazy, or John Cryan resigning from the board of your company because he has concerns about your management skills.

Whatever your thoughts on the Paris Accord, Donald Trump just sacrificed the moral high ground to Elon Musk (and now Jeff Immelt), and that alone should give us all a moment of real pause.



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