Uber Delays Disclosing Results Of Workplace Culture Investigation Until A Moment When No One Is Paying Attention

Is anything happening Thursday afternoon?

Like a scab that won't heal because the news cycle just won't stop picking at it, Uber has still not put even a cosmetic Band-Aid on its internal sexual harassment investigation.


After very publicly hiring Eric Holder to take a hard look inside of it, Uber has had to reshuffle a bunch of senior staff and withstand another barrage of negative press but used the eventual findings of the report like a lighthouse, going so far as to guess aloud that it wouldn't be all that bad in the end. CEO Travis Kalanick even pissed away a perfect chance to explain himself, claiming that he had to give deference to the release of Holder's report. But now, with some version of the report in the hands of select board members like outspoken Kalanick defender and token Arianna Huffington, the time has finally come for Uber to let everyone see what Holder found and deal with the consequences.

Or not. Via Axios:

Uber has delayed a previously-scheduled discussion with its employees about the workplace culture report it commissioned after allegations of sexual harassment and gender discrimination, Axios has learned from multiple sources.

Kalanick is dealing with a personal tragedy and that might account for the rescheduling but to many it will again look like an unforced error especially in lght of the fact that Uber has now made a big deal of hiring Harvard Business School professor Frances Frei who happens to be both a woman and an expert in operations management to oversee a cultural shift inside Uber. Frei has been charged with managing the release of the Holder report and sitting down to an interview with Kara Swisher.

But while Frei's magic has yet to be worked, we might be seeing the handiwork of Uber's recently invisible PR team. This Thursday is the platonic ideal of a "news dump" with James Comey set to testify before the Senate and the British election winding down in the middle of the day Pacific Standard Time. Should Uber release any negative findings as Comey lowers his hand after being sworn in, the spotlight is not likely to shift back to Kalanick and Co until Friday morning at the soonest, and very few news items survive a post-Memorial Day Friday.

So we'll be on the lookout should Uber get smart about releasing the Holder report, but if the plan is to release bad news on Thursday like a fart into a windstorm, we would like to be the first to congratulate Uber on getting its shit together.

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