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A Lot Of People Holding Boxes And Hailing Lyfts Outside Uber HQ Today

Uber is sharpening the guillotine in advance of the Holder Report release.

With the news cycle in a batshit frenzy and the findings of its Eric Holder-led investigation set to be released soon-ish, Uber has reportedly fired more than 20 people for generally terrible behavior and admitted to staff at an all hands meeting that it uncovered 215 claims of sexual harassment and took no action on 100 of them.

From Bloomberg reporter Eric Newcomer:

Uber sexual harassment findings

215 claims investigated
100 no action
20+ terminations

— Eric Newcomer

Newcomer is also reporting that the findings and firings are the results of a different investigation than the Holder one, meaning Uber has been running at least two of these things concurrently...

Bobbie Wilson, an attorney at Perkins Coie LLP, gave Uber’s more than 12,000 employees an assessment of the firm’s investigation on Tuesday, said the person, who asked not to be identified discussing personnel matters. A separate probe commissioned by Uber that’s being led by former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has given its own recommendations to a subcommittee of Uber’s board of directors, the person said.

While this might be a case of offering a painful blood sacrifice in advance of potentially worse revelations in the Holder report, it is way more of a concrete mea culpa than we ever thought would be offered up by a Kalanick-led Uber.

And it's also apparently playing quite well with some un the Uber rank-and-file:



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