A Bittersweet Afternoon For The Mooch

Reince is gone, but his wife just leaked that she's not interested in being his wife anymore.

Apparently the White House's resident paranoiac wasn't so paranoid after all...

So The Mooch can wave a catty goodbye to the man he calls "Rancid Penis" and begin to not undermine John Kelly on his way to the Chief of Staff gig that he so covets. But first, there's one other matter he might need to which he might want to attend...

Anthony Scaramucci, the White House’s potty-mouthed new communications director, has been dumped by his beautiful blonde wife because of his “naked political ambition,” multiple sources exclusively tell Page Six.
Deidre Ball, who worked as a vice president in investor relations for SkyBridge Capital, the firm he founded in 2005 and sold to ascend to the White House, has filed for divorce from “The Mooch” after three years of marriage after getting fed up with his ruthless quest to get close to President Trump, whom she despises.

Life comes at you fast, Mooch.