Blue Apron Shocks Market By Going Almost A Whole Month Before Executive Shakeup

For a stock that traded like a lead Zeppelin, this showed restraint.

For a company that should never have gone public, was rocked immediately by a major deal in its own sector and is now depending entirely on the kindness of its underwriters, Blue Apron managed to stay relatively outwardly chill as its stock price fell so hard that a recent rebound has it back to 25% under its IPO price.


In fact, we were about to say something about how diligent the team inside APRN has been, quashing any signs of internal pressure and not making a move to offer up a sacrificial lamb in hopes of pleasing the Gods of NYSE. Alas, not so fast...

Blue Apron Holdings, Inc. today announced changes to its executive leadership team.

After taking a long paragraph to announce the promotion of a vice president to GM, the company fesses up to another minor "tweak"...

Matthew Wadiak, one of the company’s co-founders, is stepping down from his role as Chief Operating Officer and will transition to serve as a senior advisor to the company.

Lock up your CFO, Blue Apron, these things happen in patterns.