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Dying Hedge Fund Can Take Final Secrets To The Grave

Unless Reuters just happens to e-mail some Brevan Howard info to someone outside the reach of British law.
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By 0ccam (Robert E Howard family headstone (Flickr)) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

By 0ccam (Robert E Howard family headstone (Flickr)) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Brevan Howard Asset Management is pretty sick, you guys. Howard’s not the richest hedge fund manager in Britain anymore, in part due to the fact that people won’t pay him to manage their money anymore. And there’s essentially no Brevan left; worse, the firm’s former “R” is thrivingon theoutside. All that’s left for the firm is to send out emissaries to keep its memory alive once it’s gone, and to use the British courts to keep the more undignified aspect of its demise out of the papers. The latter has brought perhaps the last bit of good news the hedge fund will hear before going to the great big liquidator in the sky.

Three Court of Appeal judges said that a lower court was correct to rule in March that the story would breach Brevan Howard's right to confidentiality and was not of sufficient public interest to justify its publication….

A spokesman for Brevan Howard said the firm "welcomes the decision of the court that supports the importance of its ability to communicate with its investors in a candid and responsible manner".

Perhaps with the words: “Shit’s hitting the fan. Soz”? I guess we’ll never know.

Reuters loses court appeal over story on hedge fund Brevan Howard [Reuters]



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