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Famed Diplomat Ken Langone Tells CNBC That We Should All Focus On Being Terrified Of North Korea

This maybe isn't not about tax reform.

We here at Dealbreaker dot com have always said that Ken Langone is exactly like Henry Kissinger...if Kissinger had been born on Long Island, never served in the diplomatic corps, didn't have a PhD in political science from Harvard and instead of running a wartime State Department, he ran Home Depot....kinda.

Langone.Dr Strangeglove

So when a geopolitical expert like Ken Langone goes on CNBC to talk about what global crisis should cause shit to appear in our pants, we tune in and buckle up...

North Korea's Fourth of July test of an intercontinental ballistic missile represents a "very ominous" and "extremely dangerous situation" for the world, billionaire Ken Langone told CNBC on Thursday.
"This is the trigger, OK? This could be the trigger of a calamity in the world," Langone said on "Squawk Box."
"We're looking at the single greatest threat since World War II," he said.

Who are we to doubt a prominent New York City investor when it comes to the inner workings of Kim Jong Un's Hermit Kingdom? Sure, we have no evidence that Ken has the fucking foggiest idea of what he's talking about, but we know he's a close supporter of the President and he must be hearing somet--- Wait a second...

Langone said Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, who are set to meet at the G-20 on Friday, should talk about North Korea's leader and "nothing else" instead of "all this other crap."

Hmm, is this another case of a billionaire Octogenarian with no official White House ties going on Squawk Box to yell at (and with) Joe Kernen about something other than Russia in hopes that Donald finally comes through with those income tax cuts?

Nah, that would be crazy. After all, Ken Langone is nothing if he's not a nuanced thinker of crisis diplomacy...

"This is an extremely dangerous situation," Langon said. "We better figure out what we better do with this guy."


Trump supporter Ken Langone says 'we're looking at the single greatest threat since World War II' [CNBC]



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