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Jeff Gundlach Has More Than $1 Million Of Sour Grapes

J-Gundz would like the courts to look into why his Bordeuax tastes like Morningstar made it.

When not busy being a "Bond King," Jeff Gundlach is a man of many other passions. From New Wave rock n' roll drumming, to collecting fine art, to collecting fine films, the man who we now call Truth Gundlach likes his hobbies.


But this being Jeff Gundlach, it would be best if you don't fuck with him while he's trying to enjoy himself. Like when he's trying to drink some fine-ass wine:

Jeffrey Gundlach, one of the world's best-known bond investors, has sued a California wine merchant he said sold him several dozen bottles of fake wine, including Bordeaux that experts consider among the greatest wines ever made.
In lawsuits filed on Friday, the founder of DoubleLine Capital claimed that at least 67 bottles he bought from Soutirage were fake, and that it would cost more than $1 million to replace them.

We don't know what makes us more furious, the fact that someone tried to scam a stone-cold connoisseur like J-Gundz, or that they left us just two bottles short of a slam dunk Gundlach joke.

And did they really think that they were going to get away with this? Had they met Gundlach? This is not a man that likes getting screwed.

Gundlach said Soutirage assured him the wines were real after he expressed concern, but that subsequent testing by a "world-renowned" expert he hired proved otherwise.
Among the wines he said were bogus were several classic wines from the Bordeaux region in France, including a 1928 Latour, a 1947 Cheval Blanc, and a magnum of 1961 Petrus.

And in case any of you doubt the veracity of the idea that J-Gundz is suing someone over wine, there's this:

"Soutirage is nothing but a crass huckster," Gundlach said in a complaint filed in a California state court in Los Angeles.

Yup. That's him.

DoubleLine's Gundlach sues California wine merchant over bogus Bordeaux [Reuters]



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