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Hedge Fund Consultant’s Hearing, Smelling Impairments Land Him In Jail

If white privilege doesn’t mean letting your teenage daughter and her friends get drunk in your Connecticut backyard without getting arrested, what does it mean?
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By Reeseboisse (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Do you hear anything, honey? Me either. By Reeseboisse (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Seven thousand square feet might not seem like a lot, not when David Tepper’s building 11,000 square feet out of spite and Steve Cohen’s sitting on nearly 100,000 across his four residences, including the 35,000-square-foot mothership down the Merritt in Greenwich. But let Aksia CEO Jim Vos tell you that 7,000 square feet is plenty. It’s so big, in fact, that you can be on one side of it and neither hear nor smell the two dozen children celebrating their high-school graduation with Mike’s Hard Lemonades on the other side, even when they are injuring themselves and covering your entire property in several inches of reeking vomit.

Here’s the deal: Vos’ daughter Sophie just graduated from St. George’s School in Newport, alma mater of Astors and Bushes and Vanderbilts, and also Tucker Carlson. That’s certainly the kind of momentous occasion that calls for celebration, and what better way to celebrate than to drive 140 miles to someone’s parents’ house and get hammered? Which the aforementioned two dozen children, including Sophie, allegedly did, acquiring some Mike’s and Buds along the way. According to police, said youths then went about setting up a beer-pong table on the lawn and covering said lawn and patio with the contents of their alcohol-filled stomachs, while one of them tripped over a storm drain and hit her head and then went to the hospital. Not that Vos could have had any idea: He was sleeping soundly through the whole thing, protected from his daughter’s poor decision-making by those 7,000 square feet. Really, just listen to his son and some of the partygoers.

Hayden told police that he and his father didn’t know that anyone was drinking at the party “but said that there might have been some drinking going on,” according to the application….

Coughlin traveled to Norwalk Hospital and interviewed friends of the injured youth who had gone there, and they said “that they had been drinking alcohol and that Sophie Vos’s parents were home, but they were not aware because the juveniles were drinking in secrecy,” Jarvis wrote in the arrest warrant application.

Despite such unassailable and incontrovertible evidence that Vos could not possibly have been aware of the rager going on under his bedroom window or the 20 or so strangers who would be sleeping at his residence that evening (the ones who weren’t spending the night at the hospital, anyway), the New Canaan Police dragged him (and his son and daughter) off to central booking (actually they all just turned themselves in for a quick mugshot session and bail hearing weeks later), possibly for sass.

“When I asked Mr. Vos if I could speak with Sophie he refused to answer, once again Mr. Vos failed to cooperate with the investigation,” Jarvis said in his arrest warrant application. “I then asked Hayden if he could have Sophie come downstairs and he stated, ‘She’s asleep.’ I then asked Mr. Vos if he was aware that minors were in possession of alcohol and drinking in his residence and he stated, ‘I refuse to answer any further questions,’ once again choosing not to cooperate with the police investigation. Hayden Vos then spoke and stated, ‘My parents weren’t there during the party. I was the only one there.’ ”

‘Patio and Lawn Covered in Vomit’: New Canaan Dad, Son, Daughter Arrested after Underage Drinking Party [New Canaanite]


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