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TriBeCa Whole Foods Officially Too Expensive For Area Investment Bankers

Jordan Lupu's allegedly sticky fingers have us wondering about how things are going at BMO.

We've all heard about the price surge in avocados lately, but this seems a bit rash...


An executive at a billion-dollar investment bank was busted at the Tribeca Whole Foods for shoplifting $210 in goods — which he allegedly tried to sneak out in his children’s stroller, court records revealed.
Jordan Lupu, 42, was spotted by store security and busted by cops Feb. 5 as he was leaving the high-end supermarket on Greenwich Street, just a few blocks from his $3 million home.

And before you just assume that Lupu is a mid-level guy at Deutsche Bank who turned desperate after seeing his annual kale budget wiped out by that empty bonus check envelope, think again:

Lupu, the co-head of global prime brokerage at BMO Capital Markets, has a swanky pad in the same building as Breitling President Thierry Prissert, property records show.

Well, don't say we haven't been warning youabout prime brokers lately.

Judging from the details of this whole affair, it seems more than possible that Lupu was using his kids' stroller as a shopping cart and that we might be looking at one big misunderstanding. Either that, or Lupu had a momentary moment of psychosis during which he came to believe that he worked at Barclays.

But if not, we might be all looking at a very useful indicator that things are about to get so bad for asset managers that prime brokers are looking to get the five-fingered discount on $80 jars of organic honey.

So basically: co-head of global prime brokerage at major bank might have been shoplifting from America's most comically over-priced grocery store?...Buy gold!

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