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Michael Flynn Decides That A Famously Toxic Reputation Is Not A Barrier To Entry For Private Equity Consulting

Even Blackstone thinks this guy might bring some bad press.

What do you do when you lying to the Vice President about allegations of collusion with a foreign government have driven you from your senior defense staff role at The White House?


You get into private equity of course.

Embattled former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has opened a new consulting firm called Resilient Patriot, LLC that is advising private equity firms, according to one of his brothers, who says Flynn is "moving on with his life."

This is crazy. You don't take a cloud of public scandal that goes to the heart of a burgeoning constitutional crisis brought on by the most controversial president in modern history and open a private equity consulting firm.

You open a fund of funds, dummy.

Former Trump adviser Flynn consulting again, says brother [ABC News]



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