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Now That Lloyd Blankfein Is On Twitter, Goldman Sachs Tech Bros Can Dress Like Slobs

This does not live up to our expectations of #JustAddButter.

Ever since the role of crotch-explaining bald enforcer was vacated by future/last-ever Federal Reserve Chairman Gary Cohn, it feels like things have been getting increasingly weird inside 200 West Street.


First, Goldman Sachs traders fail to live up to the GS credo: "Don't fuck up." Then, Lloyd Blankfein joined Twitter before turning into Wall Street's wokest CEO. And now...this:

Traditionally buttoned-up Wall Street bank Goldman Sachs Group Inc. has relaxed the dress code for its computer engineers in a bid to attract tech talent with a more casual environment.
The fifth-largest U.S. bank by assets told employees in its technology division to "exercise judgment in determining when to adapt to business attire," according to an internal memo from late June seen by Reuters on Thursday.

Wow. New CIO Elisha Wiesel is putting in the extra time to make all the kids forget about their old cool dad: new CFO Marty Chavez. But if all the dudes tasked with building Marcus (and pretending that this is what they really want to do) don't have to wear a shirt and tie while doing so, what can they wear without getting dirty looks from fancy power bald COO David Solomon?

It did not specify whether hoodies or sneakers, the ad-hoc uniform of millennial tech workers, constitute acceptable dress.

But, of course that look is acceptable! This is the new Goldman Sachs!

Gone are the buttoned-up days of staying frosty while creating margin through sheer force of will and thinly-disguised global domination. No one power dines at The Tribeca Grill wearing a Brioni suit and loudly bragging about fee capture. Today's Goldman is all about grabbing a bite at Shake Shack in your shirtsleeves and doing a little mindful meditation about how you can best "Just add butter."

In fact, that little guy wearing checkered vans in the elevator - the one furiously tweeting on his phone about last night's episode of "What Would Diplo Do?" from under the hood of his RVCA sweatshirt - that's Lloyd Blankfein, bro.

Goldman Sachs relaxes dress code for techs in fight for talent [Reuters]



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