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Paul Tudor Jones Ensures Future Winklevii Aren’t Cramped In Grade School

It's nice to see a billionaire hedge fund manager do an elite boys prep school a solid.
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By Picabu (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

By Picabu (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Paul Tudor Jones has a problem: His hedge fund is foundering and, like many others, he’s decided the only thing that can fix it is technology. Which leads to the next problem: Those technologically-adept humans he needs to put the other, poorly-performing humans out of a job apparently don’t like to live in Connecticut or Westchester. They prefer the big city to the south, both for working—Tudor’s Manhattan office is growing—and living. For such people, the idea of getting to Tudor’s current headquarters in between two golf courses and down the block from the Westchester airport, requiring a train ride to White Plains and then a bus ride with all of the track-marked arts students at SUNY Purchase, is a real drag, and also apparently a real reason to go work for one of the thousands of other more-easily-accessible hedge funds also looking to pay good money to anyone who knows how to code.

So Tudor Investment Corp. is bidding farewell to King Street and looking for a new place, preferably walking distance from one of the first five Metro-North stations east of the Byram River—you know, the ones with the added bonus of being even more convenient to Belle Haven than to Grand Central Terminal. Which brings us to the next problem: Unlike most hedge funds, Tudor owns its headquarters—all 43 bucolic acres of it. Luckily for Tudor, just across the street is exactly the kind of institution that relishes its distance from the hubbub of downtown Greenwich and vast open spaces, and that is likely to speak to who Paul Tudor Jones is: An elite all-boys private school with dreams of new playing fields, a new performing arts center, and new classrooms to house the likes of, well, his son and others whose parents are paying between $31,780 and $41,560 per year to keep them out of Greenwich’s notoriously terrible public schools and turn them into Winklevoss twins and Bill Simmonses and Peter Fondas and Jack Joneses of the future.

“A sale to Brunswick reflects Tudor’s high regard for the school and its academic mission and our desire to leave this special property in the hands of a thoughtful owner,” Tudor Jones said.

In an email sent to Brunswick School’s parents and alumni on Monday, school Headmaster Tom Philip said the deal had come together very unexpectedly when he received a call from Tudor Jones recently saying he was planning on moving the firm’s Connecticut offices closer to the Metro-North train line. Tudor Jones reportedly told him the school was his first call to gauge potential interest.

Tudor Investment Corporation confirms intent to sell land to Brunswick School [Greenwich Time]



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