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Robert Mercer’s Learned Opinions On Racism, Segregation To Remain His Own

The RenTech co-chief will not be going on the record.
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Someone's decision just got a lot easier...

Someone's decision just got a lot easier...

For two long months, we’ve had tomorrow circled on the calendar. For tomorrow marks the two-month anniversary of former Renaissance Technologies computer scientist David Magerman’s explosive lawsuit against RenTech co-CEO and urine-hoarder Robert Mercer. You remember that little complaint? The one in which Magerman expanded his criticism of Mercer from mere harmer of the country via his support for Donald Trump to include allegations that Mercer thinks African Americans are the “only racist people remaining in the U.S.” and that segregation was NBD and that the real problem with all of this was the Civil Rights Act? For tomorrow was the deadline for Mercer to respond to Magerman’s suit, whose legal claim is that the much less spectacular one that RenTech’s “don’t say bad things about us in the newspaper” clause in its employment agreements is not legal or enforceable, certainly not in the form of canning someone.

Of course, we knew all along that we weren’t likely to hear such a response, and even less likely to hear one that engaged in a discussion of the relative merits of keeping black people in their place. Surely, Mercer would recognize that this was a time to take a little of his pee money and invest it in avoiding further public revelations of his beliefs. We still don’t know whether this has happened. All we know if that Robert Mercer will not be called to the stand to explain how segregation was not degrading and really wasn’t all that important, or how exactly RenTech employees earn bonus points. And we are all poorer for it. Except for Mercer. And maybe Magerman, who is being uncharacteristically (might one say confidentiality-agreement-observingly?) quiet on the subject himself.

No reason was provided why David Magerman, who worked at Mercer’s Renaissance Technologies LLC for two decades, dropped the suit. A notice of voluntary dismissal was filed in federal court in Philadelphia on July 5, two days before Mercer was required to formally respond to the claims….

Randy Mastro, one of Mercer’s lawyers from Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP, didn’t immediately return a call for comment. Renaissance had no comment on the lawsuit when it was filed in May. Magerman’s attorney, Robert Fiebach, also didn’t return a call.

Ex-Employee Who Criticized Mercer’s Trump Support Drops Lawsuit [Bloomberg]


Someone's decision just got a lot easier...

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