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Trump Administration Proves Its Goldman Sachs Bona Fides By Parting Ways With Anthony Scaramucci

The Mooch has now been fired by The White House as many times as he's been fired by Goldman Sachs. Coincidence?

We've been saying for months that Goldman Sachs is not running this White House because it is nearly impossible to reconcile the notion that anyone coming from Goldman would allow this type of batshit chaos prevent it from getting anything done.


Sure, you could all point to Gary, Dina, Stevie Mnooks, Bannon and sundry others being there, but it seemed like once they got to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, they forgot everything they learned inside 200 West Street. Literally nothing we saw from the Trump Administration reminded us of anything we've ever seen from Goldman Sachs. Until now:

President Donald Trump has removed Anthony Scaramucci as communications director, a little more than a week after the former financier was named to the post, the White House said on Monday.

Parting ways with Anthony Scaramucci is such a Goldman Sachs move that we can almost picture Gary Cohn passing him in a West Wing hallway, thrusting his pelvis forward and muttering "Didn't I fire your ass already?"

We would say that we're going to the miss The Mooch shouting "Cock" at reporters on-the-record in order to advance the president's agenda, but he never really got started and now that we know Goldman is running White House HR through force of habit, we have to assume that he's going to work his way back into the Trump Administration by working the phones to taking a much junior position in the West Wing.

Until then, we look forward to hearing all about the planning for SALT 2018.

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