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Trump Administration To Provide Huge Boost To Dumb American-Born Silicon Valley Types With Smart Foreign-Born Friends

The "Startup Visa" is dead, so long live the American straw man CEO!

As part of his totally cogent, utterly consistent and beautifully-reasoned economic agenda, The Greatest Jobs President That God Ever Made will soon announce that he will make it purposefully harder for foreigners to start companies in America.


Per the SF Chronicle:

The Trump administration has officially delayed a rule that would allow some foreign entrepreneurs to stay in the U.S. and build their companies. During this delay, the administration will propose a plan to rescind the rule all together, according to a Federal Register notice that will be published Tuesday.

In fairness to President Trump, there is virtually no example (other that Levi-Strauss, Pfizer, Intel, Kohls, Google, Tesla and many more) of an immigrant ever building a massively successful American company that resulted in the creation of millions of American jobs. Additionally, with America now the primary destination for advanced education in fields like finance and tech, one would have to deign to use basic logic to argue that foreign nationals are today even more likely to foster economic growth inside the United States. Raising the barrier to entry for these promising carpetbaggers is the kind of short-sighted bullshit that the previous President was too weak and thoughtful to do. In fact, he got us in this mess of objectively good policy in the first place:

The International Entrepreneur Rule, is the closest the United States has come to the "startup visa" Silicon Valley has long sought, was approved by the Department of Homeland Security in January during President Barack Obama’s waning hours in office.
It will be delayed until March 14. The delay “will provide DHS with an opportunity to obtain comments from the public regarding a proposal to rescind the rule,” according to the notice.

So if you're a member of "the public" ie a white, American-born, male who just graduated Stanford Business School free of both student debt and any good startup ideas, you should start telling DHS to cancel this thing as hard and fast as they can.


Well, you dipshit, look around you...See all those contemporaries of yours from other parts of the world who grew up without the same comfort and privilege? The kids with exotic sounding names who seemed to always look hungry and tired riding their bicycles on the streets of Palo Alto when you blew by them in your Audi? Those are the people with the next great ideas. The people who have made it - against the odds - all the way to where you just assumed you always belonged. And here you are waiting in the catbird seat to explain that if they want to found the next Facebook or Google, they're going to need an American to front it for them. It's be-yooo-tiful.

You're fishing with dynamite, bro! Think of the leverage you have in any potential partnership agreements. All you need to do is promise to sponsor their new Visa and you pretty much own them. Now imagine how good you'll look in those venture meetings having to just sell an idea that you barely fucking even understand but is now yours nonetheless! You'll be the toast of Sand Hill Road, my dude! You're like Evan Spiegel...but even more callously unaware of what any of this means.

Or, hey! You! The donkey-faced loser from Connecticut trading a rapidly shrinking book at a huge, dying hedge fund....See that guy next to you from The People's Republic of Godknowswhere who has been killing it over last few months using that novel quant strategy? The one you keep pretending to vaguely grasp? Hitch your wagon to him NOW! When he goes to hang his own shingle, he's going to need someone's navy blue US Passport to hang it, and you're just the fella to help. That weird stranger is your ticket to the big time, fella! He just doesn't see it yet.

But, hey, don't lose the plot and start managing money again, okay? President Donny T gave you a gift, don't fucking blow it you moron.

This is your time, native-born Americans without any entrepreneurial ability whatsoever! You have a farm team of immigrant geniuses desperate to stay here and build our economy, take our dear leader's advice and bilk them for every cent you can whilst covering yourself in their glory.

The American Dream's not dead, you just need borrow it from a non-American with better dreams than yours.


Trump administration officially delays ‘startup visa’ rule [SF Chronicle]



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