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After Being Caught Elbow-Deep, Carl Icahn Is Going To Go Ahead And Just Shove His Torso Inside The Ethics Cookie Jar

It's almost as if the man is impervious to shame.

Most people would run and hide after a major national magazine revealed them to be leveraging enormous influence for personal gain over a sitting U.S. President.


Most people would be publicly shaken after taking a made-up role that blurred the lines of government ethics in ways that go beyond unprecedented.

And most people would move immediately to get out of whatever business they were doing when caught in perhaps the most naked attempt at what seems like corruption in modern American history.

Carl C. Icahn is not most people.

After spending almost two years using his unique relationship with Trump to wage war against renewable-fuel credits which he hates because of his investment in a company called CVR Energy, Uncle Carl stepped down from a role in the Trump Administration that the Trump Administration says never existed. Democrats are also alleging that Icahn made trades based on what he thought would happen after he put words in Trump's mouth. Even while resigning, Icahn made no attempt to hide that he had talked to Trump about the energy industry. The whole thing is such a convoluted and bizarre mess that it almost feels more clumsily craven than brazenly corrupt.

But this being Carl Icahn, it's not over.

Per Bloomberg:

Billionaire Carl Icahn says an oil industry push for structural change to the U.S. biofuels mandate will persist, raising the prospect of legal action, even if the Environmental Protection Agency denies refiner requests.

Only Carl Icahn would have the balls to get publicly litigious over the very same issue that led him into the center of a bona fide DC scandal.

Icahn said that there are a number of tools that the industry could use to push for the change, including lawsuits forcing the agency to reconsider the decision. The Small Retailers Coalition, which represents about 200 convenience store owners and independent petroleum sellers, filed a legal complaint on the biofuels program on Monday in the Northern District of Texas court.

But blaming Carl Icahn for this is not just too easy, it's useless.

Uncle Carl is an 81-year-old man who lives to make money and fuck with people. His modus operandi is to push everything as far as the world will allow him in pursuit of profit and victory. Letting Carl into the room, allowing him to influence policy that he could profit from and then blaming him for acting aggressive and unethical is like putting all the onus of poor behavior on the family dog for eating the raw filet mignon you left out on the kitchen floor.

Icahn Sees Biofuels Fight Deepening as Refinery Losses Mount [Bloomberg]



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