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Bill Ackman Not Doing As Bad This Year As You Might Expect

It’s practically an annus mirabilis for Pershing Square.
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This foul year of our Lord 2017 is almost two-thirds over. We don’t know how you’ve weathered it, but we do know how Bill Ackman’s doing, and it amounts to: Could be worse. Sure, he got hit with a $75,000 pay-to-play fine less than a month after the ball dropped, then watched the government help shovel the $200 million it fined Herbalife back into Herbalife, and then waved a $4 billion white flag over his next most-prominent investment, and then did some serioussoul-searching, and then got into a fight with Joe Biden, and then sold shares of one soaring restaurant company right around the time his other restaurant company started making people sick again, and then managed to provoke the ire of Leon Cooperman, and then had to embarrassingly back down from his embarrassing threat to drag a company’s name through the mud when it was mean to him. On the other hand, he’s got a couple of super-secret new investments posting returns that Ackman assures us are great, and that’s not even counting all of the money he’s making selling fish sticks to British people or the money he might make if Steve Schwarzman buys his bug spray company, all of which adds up to this:


In 2017, partly due to a Trump administration bump in some stocks, Ackman appears to have recovered slightly though his fund's year-to-date return for 2017 as of Aug. 22 is still -5.8%.

So, yea: In spite of a series of high-profile, humiliating losses, Bill Ackman hasn’t lost that much money this year. Like we said, it could be worse—you know, like it was last year. On the other hand, it's not even September.

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