Bill Gross Is Having A Pretty Good Day

The newly-reconciled-with-the-Bond-King PIMCO is up; the unreconciled Jeff Gundlach is down.

Bill Gross is a little depressed these days. It’s understandable: He’s getting divorced, his fellow countrymen elected a neo-fascist president, and worse still Janet Yellen is still destroying the economy, in spite of his repeated warnings. These are dark days, indeed, and Bill needs a pick-me-up, a sign that maybe things will work out.


Well, how’s this for a the kind of sign you’d like to see breaking out over the Pacific from your shower if you were Bill Gross: The mortal enemy with which you’ve made peace has staunched it’s Bill Gross-induced bleeding, while your remaining mortal enemycontinues to bleed out.

Pacific Investment Management Co.’s Total Return Fund, the flagship bond fund Mr. Gross ran until his 2014 ouster, had $348 million in net inflows in August, excluding reinvested dividends, a person familiar with the matter said.

The results snapped a streak of outflows that began in April 2013.

Jeffrey Gundlach‘s DoubleLine Total Return Bond Fund had net withdrawals for the 10th consecutive month in August.

Investors pulled $249.3 million last month, continuing a string of outflows that have hit the fund since last fall, according to Morningstar data.

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Bill Gross's Mustache Is Never Coming Back

Has there ever been a person in your life you didn't realize how much meant to you 'til they were gone? Who you would have treated better if you'd known your final day with was your last? Who you would have begged to stay? Who you assumed would be back eventually but as the weeks, months, and years crept on forced you to come to the hard realization that the next and only time you'd see them would be in your dreams, because they were never coming back? Whose permanent absence, once finally accepted it, hit you like a ton of bricks? Then you know how people involved with Bill Gross's Mustache feel today. Once a daily presence on the PIMCO manager's face, the BGM went away for a while but it was assumed not for good because how could that be? Why would that be? It felt impossible. Then this happened: Bloomberg's Tom Keene: When does the mustache come back? Gross: Never. My wife has finally adjusted, so it's not coming back. If you never got to say a proper good-bye, if you would have done things differently, if you feel like the wind's been knocked out of you, if you can't bear the thought of being alone tonight, join us as we light a candle in memoriam. Bill Gross's mustache in deep contemplation Bill Gross's mustache in an insane asylum Bill Gross's mustache mustache so stoned it can't feel its face Bill Gross's angry mustache! Bill Gross's suicidal mustache Bill Gross's mustache undressing you with its mind ... Pimco's Gross on Financial Repression, ETF, Greece [Bloomberg]