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In Shocking Twist, Guy Who Ran Foreclosure Machine And Produced "Suicide Squad" Thinks Fly-Over Americans Are Rubes

Every time Steve Mnuchin talks, a Wall Street stereotype gets its wings.

There are few certainties in this crazy life, so why not sit back and take real comfort in the fact that Steve Mnuchin is always gonna be Steve Mnuchin?


The Mnooks is still in a little hot water over his instinctual urges to get free shit while gracing America with his time running the Treasury Department. As an example, Steve is most intensely under fire for trying to borrow an Air Force plane to fly to and around Europe on his honeymoon, and maybe really borrowing one to take his new bride to Kentucky "on business" to see a better view of the recent eclipse.

In the interest of fairness, Mnuchin did use the Trump administration's preferred medium of communication to defend himself:

Naaaaaaaailed it!

He didn't borrow that plane, plebes, but he was rich enough to do it if he wanted. Who can't relate to that?

But if you really want to see how unchanged Steve Mnuchin is by life inside The Beltway, you should really watch his interview with POLITICO's Ben White, which kind of peaked when he addressed the whole eclipse flight kerfuffle. It is...spectacular.

This is where he really drops the hammer:

"You know, people in Kentucky took this stuff very seriously. Being a New Yorker and Californian I was like, the eclipse? Really? I don't have any interest in watching the eclipse."

It's all there in one thought, because subtext is for, trailer parks, children and anyone living west of the Holland Tunnel.

Never change, Stevie...not that you ever will.



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