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Of Course Warren Buffett’s Dow One Million Prediction Came With A Side Reference To Genitalia

Having chased them all his life, the Oracle may spend his second century as one of the opposite sex.
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Source: AP

Hop aboard old Warren's party bus! Source: AP

Long-time observers of the Oracle of Omaha know that, well into his eighties, his mind remains firmly in the gutter. Try as he might, Warren Buffett just can’t seem to get through a letter, an interview or a speech without some reference to the fairer sex.

And so it was during his visit to New York to celebrate Forbes’ centenary with a celebration of fabulous wealth—his own being the most fabulous of the bunch. Asked to predict what might be making the cover of Forbes’ 200th anniversary edition, Buffett did not laugh and say that print media will be long dead by 2117 and so the premise of the question was ridiculous. Instead, he offered that the magazine might be celebrating the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s first close over one million points.

“The Dow will be over a million and that is not a ridiculous forecast at all if you do the math,” he said.

It would take a 3.9% annual gain for the Dow to hit that benchmark in September of 2117. For context, the Dow has climbed 5.8% annually over the 100 years through Tuesday.

Did he leave it at that? Of course he did not. While coming just shy of suggesting that perhaps 187-year-old Warrena E. Buffett might be Forbes’ cover girl a century hence, he didn’t exactly rule it out.

Since he’s not all that far from celebrating his own century mark, he threw in a factoid about how women outnumber men by nearly five to one among Americans who live to be 100 years or older.

Referring to himself and some of the other people onstage who he said had also been around the block, he joked: “I think we should start thinking about a sex change.”

Who says this man is a misogynist?

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