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Paul Tudor Jones Quant Goes Where He’ll Never Have To Set Up Another E-Mail Blast

Tudor Investment Corp.’s quantitative revolution is not going very well.
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Of all the late-in-life converts to quantopianism, Paul Tudor Jones is certainly the saddest. This man was the very archetype of the hedge fund trader douchebag master of the universe. A man so symbolic of his industry he occasionally finds his home under siege by hippies and teachers, both condemning him and also enjoying his delightful Christmas light shows and Halloween haunted-house extravaganzas. A man who thinks nothing of the public optics of having the Jo(h)ns (Bon Jovi and Fogerty) sing him happy birthday. A man with exactly the opinion of female traders that you’d expect him to have, and exactly the lack of compunction about sharing it. Now, the former U. Va. boxing champion is talking about coddling the lazy masses and going cap-in-hand to the nerds and dweebs like everyone else? Why, 32-year-old PTJ wants to travel to the future just to punch present-day PTJ in the dick.


Worse still, he sucks at being a quant. A big part of his high-tech plan was been to set up Google alerts to e-mail his traders when President Trump says something on Twitter, rather than, you know, just having them follow the president on Twitter. Less than a year after going quant, Tudor started outsourcing its quantitative work. And in a world where the top quants are being fought over by Steve Cohen and Ken Griffin, Jones is losing his to some $100 million two-year old start-up.

Jean Gabriel Prince has joined Marto Capital as head of quantitative research after nearly two years at Tudor. He was brought in as a senior quantitative researcher at Paul Tudor Jones’ hedge fund, to develop a macro trading strategy in Python, and developed a systematic macro trading strategy during his time there.
Prince was let go by Tudor earlier this year and has just resurfaced at Marto Capital, a hedge fund launched in 2015 by Katina Stefenova, who worked at Bridgewater Associates in various senior roles over the course of nine years at the firm. Despite kicking off two years ago, Marto Capital only started managing external capital after a $100m cash injection in March...

[The story we referenced incorrectly stated that Jones ran a machine learning desk at Tudor. It also seems that Jones was axed from Tudor earlier this year, something a spokesman confirmed to Dealbreaker. Both are reflected in the updated quoted passage from efinancialcareers. -TM

Hedge fund set up by ex-Bridgewater exec has poached a new head of quant research from Tudor Investment Corp [eFinancialCareers]



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