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President Trump Probably Not Going To Screw Anthony Scaramucci Over Again

The puppy-like Mooch’s loyalty to MAGA may finally pay off.
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This was not how it was supposed to go for Anthony Scaramucci. Having served as one of Donald Trump’s top cheerleaders and attack dogs, the Mooch quickly sold off his fund of hedge funds, Skybridge Capital, and waited to be shown which West Wing office was his. And then he waited, and waited, and waited, not just for a job but also for a massive tax bill that said job would allow him to avoid. The only problem was he had sold Skybridge to the Chinese, and since his president was in the process of starting a trade war with that country, Tony was persona non grata at the White House.


But President Insecurity couldn’t stay mad at so blindly loyal and self-abnegating a supporter, and so eventually showered him with jobs, culminating in the shortest-ever stint as White House communications director; having satisfied himself that he gave the little hustler a chance, Trump kicked him to the curb at the earliest opportunity, and the Mooch has hardly been heard from since.

Of course, Trump might not have been done toying with Scaramucci’s emotions and future. After all, as we mentioned, his former mouthpiece is selling his company to the Chinese, and the president has recently decided that the Chinese should not be allowed to buy things in America. Perhaps keeping Skybridge American was part of Making America Great Again. But no: Either because funds of hedge funds are of no importance, or because of some lingering loyalty to his Mooch, or because he just feels bad for the guy, Anthony Scaramucci will get his $200 million from China, and then get to go away until he decides to come back, likely sooner than later.

New York-based Skybridge is still awaiting approval from one entity, CIO Ray Nolte said in a video posted to the firm’s website on Monday.

SkyBridge spokeswoman Woomi Yun, in an email, named the entity as the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States….

“At this juncture we’d probably be looking at something in September as a targeted closing date,” Nolte said in the video.

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